Sunday, 21 February 2010


Search Party vs...
CPT's Sprint Festival
4th March 2010

Search Party are throwing down the gauntlet.

They challenge you, the people of St Pancras, to a marathon game of Ping Pong. Search Party vs St Pancras borrows the notion of team from sport to examine connections between the personal and the geographic, exploring ideas of community, place, belonging, team identification and competition.

Spectators and passers-by are invited to form a team and compete against Search Party; to represent St Pancras and to support each other through thick and thin. Modes of behaviour are suggested, spectators are invited to sing, to chant, to wear their heart on their sleeve, to take their tops off and swing them round their heads. As the tournament develops and fatigue sets in, new unexpected narratives emerge, rousing team talks and comfort breaks are needed and the allegiance of each supporter is tested. Search party want a good clean fight, no biting, no diving, no tackling from behind and the umpire’s decision is final.